9 March 2017:

Wallasea Island

Talk given by Rachel Fancy from RSPB about latest developments.

Rachel  gave an interesting and well researched talk about the various aspect of the project now that all the soil from the Cross Rail project had been delivered.

Since then ground work has been completed on lagoons & creeks, sea-walls have been breached and water allowed into new lagoon/creek habitats.

The talk was well received, with plenty of questions and answers. After the talk the club gave a donation to RSPB. Below are a few links of interest to different aspects of the project (click on the underlined words).

Finally here is an older link that shows how the soil originally was moved from Cross Rail in London to Wallasea Island.

The 2 photos below are partly from Rachel’s presentation as well as from the RSPB website.

There is an interesting collection from Wallasea Island Wild Coast project.
In this link there are further links to a Forum, Blog, and many photos. Including several contributions from Rachel highlighting the different species of birds on view.  Well worth studying.