The Programme has been updated.

A reminder of our very pleasant Christmas Lunch when you hover with the mouse over the picture above

Best Wishes for a Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year.

Updated 28 April 2016

There is an update to the program in September when a visit to Ingatestone Hall has been arranged.

Following the AGM the following changes have been made to this website:

  1. Members are reminded about the AGM which is on 12th April.
    Any suggestions for nominations or items of concern need to be raised with our Secretary by 5th April, i.e. at least one week before the AGM (according to our constitution).
  2. The  Agenda for the AGM is here and a copy of the minutes from last year’s AGM is here.
  3. A proposal to be discussed at the AGM for an amendment to our constitution has been prepared and already sent to each individual member.
  4. You are reminded that the annual subscription which is due at the April meeting will revert to £15 (from £10) because we no longer have the benefit of a legacy donated to the club in 2015/16.
    Payment should be by cheque. In exceptional cases cash may be accepted but on the condition that members will be issued with a receipt, copies of which will be kept by the club as evidence of payment.
  5. There is still a booking form for the visit to Bletchley Park on 17th May. Click here for a printable version.

Updated 10 November 2016

Updated: 1st September 2016:

Unfortunately the visit to Ingatestone Hall on September 22, has had to be cancelled due to insufficient support.

There is still the slide show from the Boat trip to North Fambridge in August

As well as the video from our visit to Windsor Castle in May which you can see here.

It is with sadness we report that one of our newer members, John Torrance has died suddenly from a heart attack.  John passed away on the 19th October at the age of 69 whilst in the company of one of our members and other friends. Our thoughts and condolences go to his wife and family. Although John had only been a member of our club a relatively short time he was well known for several years to many of our members as he was a leading member of the sailing fraternity. He will be missed by all who knew him.

John’s funeral is at Chelmsford Crematorium on Tuesday, 15 November at 10:30. There will be a celebration of John’s life at 12.30 at St. Mary’s, Burnham, and afterwards at Burnham Sailing Club of which John was Vice President.

As you may know Barrington James Phillips passed away on 6th December, last year.

His funeral will take place on 5th January at 2:30 p.m. from the South Chappel at Chelmsford Crematorium.

Any donations are requested to be for Essex Air Ambulance.  Donations can be made via the E of E Coop Funeral Services in Burnham.

The future Programme has been updated to include June 2017

The results from the questionnaire on future visits are shown here.

A reminder from our Christmas Luncheon

Updated 20 January 2017

 Updated 22 December 2017

Message from the Committee:

Updated 14.5.18

Booking form for Christmas Lunch is now available here.

The future programme was updated in October.

The slide show with photos from the trip to North Fambridge on 9th August can be viewed here using either a PC or Smart Device (iPad, iPhone, Android etc).

There are 45 photos. As the day light was not ideal for photography the images are not of the highest quality but hopefully will remind you of an entertaining day amongst friends. Thank you to boat owners without your support the trip would not have taken place.

Updated on 9 May 2019

Happy New Year 2019

There has been a last minute change to the programme for January where Tony Chappell will now entertain us.

We celebrated a very enjoyable Christmas lunch in December and the venue at the Corinthian Yachtclub was as always very appealing as the following picture taken just before the meal shows.

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    the photo to enlarge it)